Automobile Magazine Drives Hennessey's V700 Wagon

How wonderful a world do we live in where you can buy a 556hp supercharged V-8 station wagon?  That it is available with a manual and from Cadillac is just icing on the cake. But, no matter how wonderful our world, there will always be some people that see a need to go further.  In this case, we have the madmen at Hennessey that have taken the CTS-V wagon and taking it from insane to stark raving mad. Badged the V700, this is arguably a 700hp tune of the V-wagon.  And, while Hennessey isn't inviting the Caddy Edge over for a spin around the block, they did let the scribes at Automobile Magazine behind the wheel and even let them place it on a dyno for verification. The results?  V700 is likely putting out most practically 800hp at the crank (almost 700 at the wheels) - all before engaging their test car's nitrous system. While under their care, they also took the car to the drag strip and managed at least one 10-second pass at 126mph. What a wonderful world, indeed. Source: Automobile