Cadillac Head Details Future Plans

Our friends over at The Detroit Bureau recently posted a story claiming program cancellations at Cadillac that had them worried about GM not supporting their development into a global luxury player.  In an unexpected turn, Cadillac's head Johan de Nysschen posted an extensive rebuttal where he only confirmed that a flagship '4-door sedan' had been adjusted. The flagship Cadillac will not be a sedan due to movement in the market away from traditional sedans.  Additionally, he gave these product details:

We ARE planning a Cadillac flagship which will NOT be a 4 door sedan We ARE planning a large crossover beneath Escalade We ARE planning a compact crossover beneath XT5 We ARE planning a comprehensive enhancement to CT6 later during life cycle We ARE planning a major refresh for XTS We ARE planning a new Lux 3 sedan entry We ARE planning a new Lux 2 sedan entry

So, what we see here are a large crossover between Escalade and XT5 (XT7?) and a smaller "XT3". This will go a long way to improving Cadillac's revenue and should be considered great news to have confirmed so strongly.  It isn't completely clear if a new Lux 3 sedan is an ATS replacement or an offering below ATS. But, certainly a Lux 2 sedan could be the oft rumored sub-ATS car to compete with the Mercedes CLA, BMW 2-Series, and Audi A3. This would make a great entry point into the brand if done correctly. The other surprise here is the news that the XTS, expected before to be cancelled at the end of this product cycle, will see a major refresh. This is almost certainly to keep dealers and GM's financial types happy as the XTS is the last 'old-school' product that appeals to the "Deville, DTS" buyers that continue to come back again and again for this very specific kind of Cadillac. A CT6 or CTS are both too sporty and expensive for their tastes and their money is looking to still be welcome for the foreseeable future.  It looks to be an fun time to be a Cadillac fan for the coming years.  Source:The Detroit Bureau - Expansive Cadillac Product Plan Getting Squeezed