2016 Cadillac World Sales Hit New High

Cadillac sales in 2016 were up, globally, by 11.1% since the prior year.  This reflects an increase in sales in China of 45.9% and the 'Rest of the World' (ROW) by 8.7%.  These gains offset losses in Canada by 0.7%, the US by 3%, as well as the Middle East 17.8%. Some of these markets are small, so the gains or loss percentages are somewhat deceptive. The US loss of 3% is a drop of over 5000 units.  Canada's drop is a mere 87 units.  The Middle East drop is just over 900 units lost vs 2015's numbers. Similarly, the ROW gain of 8.7% represents a 472 unit gain. The big gain is in the, still developing Chinese market...which is 68% the size of the US market in 2016, up from about 45% last year, represents increased sales of over 36,600 and handily wipes out the small losses elsewhere. So, sales are ramping up rapidly in China.  It would be reasonable to expect that China could become Cadillac's biggest market within the next few years if sales growth continues in this way.  This is not necessarily a bad thing,  especially as the sales growth can help fuel increase product investment that the rest of Cadillac's markets will get to enjoy as well.

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