July 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac has released their sales numbers for July, and things appear to be progressing in much the same way they have in the past several months.  As they are eager to say, worldwide sales are up for the 14th straight month (even if that is fewer than 500 sales above this month last year).   As we have seen for a while now, US sales are down by over 3000 units (21.7%). Offsetting drops in the US market and keeping the #1 spot, is China.  July saw China outselling the US by 779 units as well as outpacing its own July 2016 sales by 3249 (37.1%).  The rest of the world volume was also up, but still only makes up less than 8% of global sales. Back to the drop in US sales...this is due to massive drops in sales of the ATS (down 63.3%), CTS (down 40.1%) and XTS (down 41.6%).  The only sedan in the US market that saw a sales increase was the CT6, and that was not nearly enough to overcome the drop in sales of the other models.  Escalade and XT5 also saw sales increases - further bolstering the need of the brand to get their new crossovers to market as quickly as possible. It is staggering how much the US luxury market has abandoned the sedan segment.  In just this one year, ATS/CTS/XTS/CT6 have dropped by 2191 units (total sedan sales in were down from 5185 in July 2016 to 2994 this July).  Now, recent statement from Cadillac about the replacements for the ATS/CTS/XTS start to make sense...but that is another story.