November 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac continues to drive sales growth outside of the US market in November.  Worldwide, Cadillac sales were up 3.7% (1128 units).  They certainly enjoy their year-to-date increase of 18.5% over 2016's sales (a 50,000 unit sales increase). As we have come to expect this year, this was in spite of a sales drop in the US market (down almost 2000 units and 12.8% in the home market).  Offsetting this is a massive increase of 23.4% in China (over 3100 units).  The rest of the countries Cadillac sells vehicles in were up 2.8%...but with sales of just over 2000 units for the month, they pale in comparison to the big-two markets in which Cadillac competes. Because we and Cadillac reside in the USA - let's go a bit deeper into the November results in the home market. This month, continuing the same tune from earlier this year, sedan sales are down massively.  In order of least awful to worst...XTS sales were down 715 units (27%), CT6 is down 392 units (a 33.5% drop), CTS was down 386 (37%), and the ATS - our personal favorite Cadillac - dropped 659 sales or 44.2%. Unlike in months past, the XT5 didn't show a large gain to offset the sedan drops.  However, it does continue to be Cadillac's best US-market seller.  Sales of the mid-sized crossover were up 259 units or 4.8%.  These 5623 sales outnumbered sales of all 4 sedan models...combined.  It also outsold the combined sales of Escalade by over 2000 units. For those lamenting the low sales numbers in the US, just keep telling yourself that the XT4 will be on sale soon...and this story will turn around (unless you happen to be a sedan fan).