Refreshed Cadillac XTS Spied

The folks over at GMInsideNews have caught the refreshed XTS minus the camo we saw in the prior spy shots. Revealed is how Cadillac has chosen to combine the styling of the XTS with hints at the styling previewed in the Escala concept.  Strangely, it appears that the lighting treatments have been flopped vertically with horizontal elements of the tail lights moved to below the trunk opening vs at the upper edge of the rear deck.  Detailing and contours of the decklid do mirror those of the Escala. Up front, the styling is toned down with hints of the concept's horizontal headlight element that is also combined with the vertical lighting element that the Escala had separated.  Honestly, the lighting also has a strong resemblance to the existing lights of the CT6. Ultimately, you can squint and see inspirations from the concept that are watered down by limitations presented by an existing car's architecture.  We would expect a purer form of the styling to debut on the first Cadillac that is getting a full redesign or is a new model (XT3 or XT7 or the next version of the ATS or CTS would all be good bets). Source: