March 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac has released their March 2017 sales results.  US sales are slightly better that what we saw in February (only down 1.5% vs that month's 8.6% drop). Again, China and the rest of the world have more than compensated for the US drop.  China alone was up 63% and was only 492 units behind the US market.  Again we are seeing that China is nipping at the heels of the US...though we haven't seen China as the #1 market for Cadillac since the January results (which was the first time that had happened).  It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect the two biggest markets to trade the #1 spot again and again in the future. All other markets are also up, but are quite a bit smaller volume than the big two.  Canada is up 28% (265 units), Middle East is up 5.2% (only 16 units), and the rest of the world (ROW) is up 16.8% (92 units). These changes represent a global increase in sales of 21.1% (almost 5000 units) vs March of last year.  Year-to-date is also up a strong 28.6%. So, despite other reports you might see that suggest Cadillac is hurting - realize that it is a US only phenomenon that will certainly reverse once they finish development of their line of crossovers to slot above and below the XT5 (currently Cadillac's best seller in the US market that represents over 40% of their US sales).  Imagine what sales will look like once the US market has the models from Cadillac it is craving.  The strong world sales (led by China) will help fund Cadillac's development efforts and get us all even better models in the coming years.