Autoline Interview of Cadillac's Don Butler

Autoline, the long-running, Detroit-based automotive news outlet, has posted their most recent 'This Week' episode. In this installment, they interview Cadillac's VP of Marketing, Don Butler. He goes on at length about the direction Cadillac is heading as well as hinting at future offerings Cadillac has in the pipeline. He drops hints about variants on the ATS (V and 'additional body styles' are mentioned specifically) as well as other products based on the ATS platform (combine this with the prior episode (Autoline After Hours, in this case) with and you could glean that Cadillac is looking at a 2-seat roadster on the ATS platform (something we've been calling for since the ATS' platform predecessor, Kappa, was being used under the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn SKY). We have to wonder if a smaller than SRX crossover might also be under consideration or if the next SRX might jump back to a rear-drive chassis, especially since it would be the only Theta Premium product since Saab is out if the picture with their 9-4x. Cadillac is looking to more than double sales and Mr. Butler mentions compact cross-overs (likely smaller than the SRX) and speaks about the direction they are heading for a flagship inspired by the Ciel Concept - he even says with certainty that 'ZTS' will not be the flagship's actual name. 27 minutes of Cadillac insights below...enjoy: