Cadillac Adds to its 'Vehicle to X' Developments

Recently, Cadillac added Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) capabilities to the CTS (with the mid-2017 refresh).  This technology uses dedicated radio frequencies (5.9GHz Dedicated Short-Range Communications - or DSRC) to communicate with other, similarly equipped vehicles, to share information about road hazards.  This might appear in equipped vehicle instrument clusters as warnings that vehicles nearby are braking rapidly - allowing for reaction before a hazard is visible. Additionally, Cadillac is testing using the same technology for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I).  This variation on the technology would see an equipped car receiving information from traffic signals.  This would allow the car to 'know' that it will not make it through an upcoming intersection before the light is red and alert the driver - even before the light changes to yellow. The technologies operate with a range around 1000 ft, and do not transmit identifying information (so a municipality would not be able to use it to ticket a an equipped car if it happened to run the red light, for instance.  Also, effort has gone into ensuring cyber-attacks are prevented through use of firewalls and other techniques. With these V2x technologies, Cadillac is working toward a safer environment for drivers.