May 2017 Cadillac Sales - Guess Who is #1 Again

Cadillac has announced their worldwide sales for the month of May. This month, sales were up 33.8% vs the same month in 2016. This is the 12th consecutive month of double-digit growth for the brand. This marks yet another month where massive growth in the Chinese market has made it the largest market for the brand.  This year, the May sales in China are up 65.2% (5586 sales).  Even with US sales up 9.2% (an increase of over 1100, this has China overshadowing the US sales by almost 1000 in May. Cadillac has decided to report all other markets together as 'Rest of World' (ROW) this month - which shows an increase of 51.62% (an increase of 808 units).  This allows them to report an increase in sales in all markets. A deeper analysis of the US sales shows that ATS (357 units), CTS (228), and XTS (431) sales are down yet again.   Even an increase in CT6 sales of over 300 units doesn't overshadow how soft sedan sales have become.   The bright spots are XT5 (3033) and Escalade (604) sales.  So, yet again we can see how Cadillac is in serious need of more crossovers and SUVs if they want to grow their sales further. Even in the face of this outlook, Cadillac is doing some smart things with how they position their models and are not chasing unit sales to vs profit.  They have maintained a higher transaction price than all but one of the major luxury brands in the US.  This is no doubt helped by XT5 having an average selling price over $3000 up from the SRX that it replaced. Overall, Cadillac is doing well by becoming more of a global brand.  This strength will help it buy the time needed to add additional product that will likely allow the US market to take back it's #1 position for the brand.