Next Cadillac Escalade Spied

It's a busy time for Cadillac fans with new product this year, 3 known new products to debut next year - and spy shots aplenty of those known but not yet seen products. This time, we have a heavily disguised Cadillac Escalade. Not much is visible through the heavy cladding wrapped all around this test car, but we can see a shadow of the Cadillac grill and new head and running lights that seem to abandon Cadillac's signature light-pipes in favor of discrete LEDs. Of course, lighting is normally one of the last items to show up on test cars - so this could certainly change before the Escalade goes on sale in early 2014. Not much is known about the next Escalade or its GMC and Chevrolet brethren. However, knowing the changes in the automotive market and in regulation - we expect significantly better mileage driven through more efficient, but no less powerful engines and updated transmissions with more gears. Not expected to return is the 2-mode hybrid Escalade. The hybrid program was near completion when we heard that GM decided to kill it (likely because mileage improvements in the non-hybrid closed the gap). Between the SRX crossover and this Escalade - we still expect Cadillac to look seriously at a larger crossover to bridge the gap in the product line. Given the lack of rumors - that would be 3-4 years out, at least. Source: