What Power Train Changes Will the Cadillac ELR Have?

Cadillac ELRAt this point, we are at least a year from getting any seat time in the extended-range electric Cadillac, the ELR. Over at GM-Volt, they have an article that performs some analysis on what to expect from the ELR enhanced Voltec power train.  They go on at length about more powerful electric motors, bigger and more efficient batteries...all with one thing left out: Where are they getting their assumptions? They seem to have convinced themselves that the ELR is gunning for the Tesla Model S. If we were to bet money on this - I'd expect something close to Volt levels of performance with a more powerful range extending gas engine that will allow a smaller reduction in performance when the battery runs out of power. Extra power from the electric drive or contained in the battery pack will likely be shared with the Volt either at the same time or the Volt will pick up the changes/upgrades less than a year after the ELR goes on sale. What are my assumptions? That GM will behave like they have traditionally. That the ELR is more a sexy 2-door version of the Volt that will come closer to making a profit than the Volt. That GM isn't aiming the ELR to be a Tesla killer. I guess we'll all know after the ELR debuts at next year's Pebble Beach Concours. Source: GM-Volt.com