Where is GMs Lambda Crossover?

Lambda CadillacGM is rumored to be considering a version of the Lambda crossover platform for Cadillac.  At one point, conventional wisdom had it being badged as the next Escalade for its passenger room while giving customers much improved fuel economy. The tradeoff would be, by abandoning the body-on-frame construction, significantly reduced towing capacity. So, in light of recent spy shots, it is clear that GM decided to keep the Escalade on a truck platform, shared with the Tahoe, Suburban, and Yukon.  But, the Lambda option is not off the table. The folks at GM Authority have a reasonable reason why both the new Escalade didn't go Lambda and why a Cadillac version isn't hitting showrooms with the re-fresh of the other Lambda crossovers (Buick's Enclave, GMC's Acadia, and Chevy's Traverse). It turns out that the Lambda was never designed to accept any engine larger than its current 3.6 V-6.  The next Lambda chassis, Lambda II, is being redesigned to accept a larger engine in keeping with Cadillac customer expectations. Expect Cadillac's Lambda to bow in 2-3 years as a 2015-2016 model. Source: GM Authority