ATS Triple Report - 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe, in V-series Trim, and Engine Rumors


Recently we fielded a question about Cadillac's plans for an ATS Coupe. As this recent post from shows, Cadillac is actively testing a 2-door version of the ATS. 2015 ATS-V Coupe - courtesy Autoblog.comBut, if that was all these shots showed, we'd be happy. But there is more to this scoop. Check out the larger wheels and tires, check out the more aggressive bodywork. What we are, in fact, looking at here is the ATS' brawnier sibling, the ATS-V. But, there is even more to report... Automobile Magazine is reporting that they have heard that the ATS-V will pack a twin-turbo, direct injection V-6 based on the high-feature V-6 family we all know and love from both its 3.6l normally aspirated form in the ATS, SRX, CTS, and practically any other Cadillac offered in the past few years as well as its twin-turbo form in the XTS and CTS vSport models. However, there are a couple twists. Cadillac engineers have decided to drop the displacement to 3.2 liters. Why? Well, that would allow the ATS-V to run smaller bores which translates to a beefier block. A beefier block will allow Cadillac engineers to up the boost enough to crack their newly discovered goal for the ATS-V...500hp. That's right, the ATS-V will come in with weight and handling comparable to BMW's new M3 sedan and M4 coupe while out-gunning both cars by around 75hp. Not to toot our own horn...but we told you so. Time to start saving you pennies for when the new ATS-V goes on sale next year as a 2015 model. Sources: and