Forbes list of top selling luxury cars

Say what you will about Forbes' coverage of the auto industry (spotty at times) or love of lists (oh, does Forbes love its lists)...but when a brand makes the cut - people listen. forbes 1This time around, at least it isn't a made up list of the 'sexiest cars' or some such. This latest list is the best selling luxury cars. Hard facts dominate - but Forbes still manages to mangle the results by making subjective decisions on what brands qualify as luxury. Cadillac made the cut and managed to put 3 nameplates in the top 10. The list and its 2006 sales total are listed below:

  1. BMW 3-Series (107016)
  2. Lexus RX (95569)
  3. Lexus ES (67251)
  4. Acura TL (65503)
  5. Cadillac Escalade (54163)
  6. Cadillac DTS (54053)
  7. Infiniti G (53008)
  8. Cadillac CTS (50024)
  9. BMW 5-Series (49296)
  10. Lexus IS (48729)

Check out the article and the 'logic' behind how they determined a luxury brand (its obvious they had a length the article needed to be since the author decides to tell you how they excluded Maybach, Ferrari, and Aston Martin - even though their entire brand wouldn't have cracked the top 10 rankings) at: Best-Selling Luxury Cars 2006