Preview of 08 STS interior

Business Week is running a great piece about the design resurgence at GM. As part of this are a photo gallery of some of the things GM is looking into. 08STSIntOne picture, that is possibly an unintentional leak, is this picture of an interior that we know and love from the Chinese-only SLS but sporting a new steering wheel straight from the 08 CTS. As you can see on the nav screen, this interior is actually an STS - confirming that the STS will very soon get the upgraded interior that Cadillac put in the SLS but wouldn't confirm as being destined for a mid-cycle refresh of the STS. Expect the refresh of the STS to appear as a 2008 model. Also shown is this concept rendering of a possible key fob that Cadillac might use to help enhance the image of the brand as well as to serve as advertising to those who might see your keys. No word on when we might see the new fobs, if ever. ProtoFobIt is wonderful to see how seriously GM is taking design and it looks like Cadillac is to be one of the prime beneficiaries, as it should be. Read all about it at: Business Week: GM's Design Drive Hits the Road