GM confirms - V-12 for Cadillac being developed

Automotive News is reporting that GM has finally confirmed development of a V-12 that would be slated for higher-end Cadillacs in the not too distant future. SixteenBased on the high-feature V-6 architecture (2.8, 3.6, 3.6 Direct Injection) family of engines, this V-12 would be mechanically similar to two 3.6l V-6's joined at the crank. This would give displacements upwards of 7.2l and horsepower numbers in excess of 600hp. The engine is currently undergoing testing in Australia in a modified Holden Commodore (Pontiac G8) - which is built on the same Zeta chassis that Bob Lutz has previously suggested might make a good basis for a high-end Cadillac. Expect a decision to be made soon as to what model(s) the V-12 might make it into. We'd expect a high-end sedan as the most likely, with an ultra Escalade, and a V-12, 2-seat super sportscar as other, less likely options. See Autoblog's coverage at: Lutz confirms V12 in development for Cadillac flagship