Salvation of the BLS - thine name is Alpha

The good folks over at Winding Road have something very interesting to report about the future of Cadillac's BLS model. BLSConventional wisdom has been that the next BLS would ride on the Epsilon2 chassis and would therefore be front and/or all-wheel drive. The only way for BLS to be a legitimate 3-series competitor in Europe would have required the AWD route since front drive simply does not appeal to the sport sedan buyer that is looking for the most involving driving experience. Now we hear what is really going on behind the scenes...a new, sub-Sigma rear drive platform that pulls parts from both the small Kappa (Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Opel GT) and from the Zeta chassis (Pontiac G8, Holden Commodore). The new platform's name - Alpha. This new chassis will serve as the basis for not only the 2nd generation BLS but also for a new replacement for the Pontiac G6 (on Pontiac's way to becoming a rear-drive, enthusiasts brand). Way to go Cadillac! Let's get that BLS redesign fast-tracked. This should also allow Cadillac to easily move the CTS into direct competition with the BMW 5-series/Mercedes E-Class - since it is already the right size. And then allow Cadillac to bring over the BLS to the North American market as a more direct 3-series/C-class competitor. Winding Road: GM’s Next RWD Platform: Alpha