A BRX by any other name

MotorTrend.com has an article where they detail what they are calling the 2011 SRX. 2011SRX MTGiven the vehicle is stated to move from the SRX's Sigma architecture (shared with the CTS and STS) in favor of a version of the Epsilon chassis that will be shared with a new Saab crossover (the 9-4). This sounds much more like the rumored BRX that MotorTrend itself is responsible for starting talk about several months ago. Given what the competition has shown, Cadillac could easily re-work the SRX as a big brother to the BMW X3 fighting BRX while maintaining the Escalade as competition for vehicles like the Range Rover and the Mercedes GL series. The BRX would have 5-passenger seating, the SRX and Escalade would fight it out in the mid-to-large, 3-row seating segments. If the 2011 model year is correct, expect to see the new small crossover debut in 2009 at one of the major auto shows and go on sale sometime in 2010. MotorTrend.com: Cadillac SRX set for 2011 update