Bring on the oil burners

According to GM's Fastlane Blog (via GM should be bringing some diesel engines to their US lineup by 2010. The Cadillac version will most likely be the recently announced 4.5l V-8 and find a home in the Escalade line. However, V-6 diesels will be making an appearance in Epsilon-based products in other GM divisions (and a V-6 diesel will be sold in the new CTS soon and a diesel BLS is on sale now, though only in Europe unless US demand increases). From the blog post by Bob Lutz, GM does not immediately expect the new diesels to be California (and states that use California emissions standards) compliant. GM is also expected to show a diesel/electric version of the E-Flex architecture in Frankfort, Germany this fall that may lead to a version of the Chevrolet Volt electric car with even greater mileage than it's gas-assisted version (the Volt runs on electricity with a small engine powering a generator to provide greater range when the initial battery charge runs out - effectively giving triple-digit fuel economy numbers). No announcements have been made for an E-Flex Cadillac, though if the technology catches on, you might expect a Cadillac version down the road. Check out the post and video at: GM Fastlane Blog: Checking Back with Bob