GM and UAW reach tentative deal

The UAW strike on GM plants will come to an end today (September 26th, 2007) in time for the 2nd shift at most plants. The deal sees the union making concessions on some health-care issues/liabilities while GM will not increase union member health care costs. The deal also maintains the controversial jobs bank, while increasing the distance away from home a worker might be required to take a new job (rather than just keeping their salary and benefits). The current requirement is that a worker has to take a job within 50 miles - the distance in the new contract is not yet known. GM also gets a more competitive, tiered pay scale where non-assembly workers could make as little as $12/hr (new hires only). This bodes well for all of us that are looking to pick up a new CTS as the strike was preventing this critical launch for Cadillac from going smoothly.

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