UAW contract confirms CTS coupe/wagon and sub-CTS Alpha

GM Product PlansUpdate: Added XLR, BRX, and product plan image... The tentative UAW contract (which is expected to be ratified next week by the membership) has some interesting tidbits about GM's upcoming product plans. Of note for Cadillac fans is confirmation that 2009 will bring production of a CTS-based coupe and a CTS wagon. Both will be built in the Lansing plant that builds the current CTS sedan. In 2011, Lansing will also add a Zeta based large car, expected to be the STS/DTS replacement to compete against the S-Class and 7-Series. GM's Lordstown, OH plant is also comfirmed to get a small rear-drive sedan, expected to be the rumored Alpha platform that will spawn a new small Cadillac that will more directly compete against the BMW 3-series (allowing the CTS to move upmarket and go against the cars it most closely matches, size-wise, the 5-series and E-class). Expect production in 2011. 2012 is shown as the year for the XLR replacement (to be built alongside, again, the Corvette in Bowling Green, KY). Also of interest is the plan by GM to build a new "Theta/Epsilon" crossover at their Spring Hill, TN plant in 2011 - this combo platform is expected to be the basis for the new Saab 9-4x and Cadillac BRX. See more of GM's product plans at: Detroit Free Press: GM product plans unfold in pact