Business Week review of the CTS

Business Week has had their turn reviewing the new 2008 CTS. 08 CTS on the TrackThey seem to find that the car meets or beats the competition with only a few criticisms that I, for one, disagree with. They love the styling and find the new interior to be better than that in the 3-series or the C-class. They appreciate the available manual transmission (though they neglect to mention that it isn't available with the all-wheel drive system they also like). They seem to take exception to the price of the CTS, which they mention is in the same ball-park as the German competition (heaven forbid that Cadillac get as much for an equal car - even one that is admittedly more spacious than the competition). They also seem to take Cadillac to task for having an older average buyer - rather than noting that the CTS has brought Cadillac's buyer age down significantly. All in all, another glowing review of the new CTS. Business Week: Cadillac's Stellar CTS