CTS Coupe speculation (and inside information?)

CTCThe Hollywood Insider - a well known blog, that gets lots of tips about upcoming product - has a post showing a photoshop rendering of what the CTS coupe might look like when it debuts. Interestingly enough, there is a comment after the post from someone claiming to have inside information about what is coming. Of note from the commenter:

  • The rendering in the post is wrong.
  • The actual name of the car will be the CTC.
  • A convertible version is being considered.
  • The engine will be a 3.7l version of the direct injection engine with 320hp (this starts to sound a bit too much like the Infiniti G37 coupe - so take this item with a grain of salt - at least that the engine will only be 0.1 liters bigger).
  • A multi-pane sunroof like that in the Pontiac G6 will be available.
  • The CTC will debut at the New York auto show in April 2008.

(of course, the fact that this commenter says the wagon is not approved even though we know it is part of the UAW contract for the Lansing, MI plant makes me wonder a bit about his/her credibility) Check out the post and its comments over at: THE: Cadillac CTS Coupe