Cadillac head practically confirms production Provoq (and alternative fuel Cadillacs)

Automotive News has interviews Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor about the future plans of the brand. In response to a question about what he sees missing from Cadillac's lineup:

Taylor: We gave you an indication of that with the Provoq model. The entry-level crossover is a space where everyone is headed. We have our SRX to cover the top end, but we don’t have the lower end covered. That is the product we’d like to have as soon as possible to attack what is the highest growth space and what could one day be the highest volume.

This is surprising on the one hand in suggesting that the SRX may stick around post-BTX but does confirm that the Provoq hints strongly that the small cross-over is on its way. He also talked about E85 versions of the Escalade coming soon as well as confirming that future GM fuel-cell cars will be branded Cadillac first (much like the E-Flex/fuel-cell Provoq concept). Finally, we have some sense of the pricing of the sub-CTS sedan based on GM's new rear-drive Alpha architecture in his statements that a $25-30k Cadillac now seems to make sense, especially as the CTS moves up-market. Automotive News - Via eGMCarTech and Motor Authority