Well, duh - Cadillac still planning on large, rear-drive sedan

The Car Connection has posted that they are hearing that Cadillac will be getting a version of the Zeta rear-drive architecture as a replacement for the STS and DTS in the not too distant future (2010-11 model year). The only reason this is news is due to recent decisions by GM to cancel other Zeta-based cars due to the future CAFE standards that go into effect in 2020. This will leave GM with only the new Camaro, the G8 sedan for Pontiac, a large Buick, and the new top Cadillac as the only US versions of the Australian designed and built Zeta. Expect the Cadillac version to be powered by turbocharged and direct injected V-6 engines with both rear and all-wheel drive and to be priced competitively with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class. The Car Connection: GM Rear-Drive Plan Includes Big Cadillac, Big Buick