BRX's newest rumored name?...SRX

Rumors have swirled for several months about the new, Theta premium-based crossover that Cadillac has been working on (and previewed with their Provoq concept earlier this year). The least known part is what the vehicle will be called. MotorTrend started out calling the vehicle the BRX. A spied trademark filing by GM suggested that BTX might be the real name. Now, Edmunds InsideLine has found sources that suggest a name has been selected...SRX. Given that this was to, in essence replace the SRX in the crossover space (while the new CTS wagon replaced the SRX in the sporty hauler arena) this makes a bit of sense. Conjecture that the name would change was based in the fact that the SRX has never set the sales charts on fire...though the name does have some equity, which Cadillac will capitalize on with the new truck-let. Expect the new SRX to debut in 2009 as a 2010 model.