CTS-V's run at the ring...details

Recently, Cadillac set the sedan lap record of the Nurburgring in a 2009 CTS-V. Edmunds.com's Inside Line has several fascinating details about the run: The record running car (the car in the video) is the new 6-speed automatic! The 6-speed manual, while being much more involving, is actually slower around the track. The CTS-V that broke the record was running the same tires that will be on the car when it goes on sale later this year - Michelin Pilot Sport 2's The car was airborne 3 times during the run. And, as if a nod to people who have had issues with wheel-hop in hard launches in the current V, the development team has let slip that you can do epic burnouts in both the manual and automatic car if you like...while certainly fun, this also suggests that the wheel-hop has been corrected in the new car. Read the entire list over at: InsideLine: Details on the Cadillac CTS-V's Run Around the 'Ring