Will it never end? V-12 cancelled

I don't know if this is surprising in the least, but the latest news is that Cadillac has quietly killed their plan to bring out a V-12 engine for their super-sedan. SixteenGiven that they have already shelved the Northstar's replacement, are getting V-8 levels of power from normally aspirated V-6's with direct injection - it isn't much of a stretch to imagine a dual-turbo DI V-6 putting out V-12 humbling power for the upcoming DTS/STS replacement (once that program gets back into gear). Personally, I can't see a downside to lighter, and therefore lighter on their feet, Cadillacs that sip fuel and provide all the power and luxury we've come to expect. Bring it on! Edmunds Inside Line: IL Insider: Cadillac Shelves the Twelve