Sub-CTS sedan is officially 'a go'

We've suspected this for quite some time, but we are hearing from a few sites that Cadillac has green-lighted the sub-CTS sedan based on their new rear-drive Alpha platform. For the US market, this will be a brand new model. For Europe, this will replace the front-drive, Saab 9-3 based, BLS sedan and wagon. Expect direct-injection (likely turbo-charged) 4-cylinders as base power, perhaps with a small V-6 as the top engine. If we're lucky, a turbo V-6 might make for a sweet V-Series version of this car to compete in all ways with the BMW M3 and Audi S4/RS4. Given rumors that the Kappa cars (Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky) will switch to Alpha in their re-design, this could suggest that a convertible version of the Alpha Cadillac could arrive, along with a coupe, early in the next decade. Check out MotorTrend's rendering of what the Alpha sedan might look like at: Alpha Mail - Caddy's 3 Series rival is go

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