XLR not to get redone down the road

The good folks over at LLN are reporting that the current freshening of the XLR might be the end of the line for the top Cadillac. Built as a production version of Cadillac's Evoq concept car (the concept that debuted Cadillac's current styling language) and to compete against the Mercedes SL, the XLR has never lived up to Cadillac's expectations. This could be attributed to an interior that never lived up to the car's price tag as well as debuting at a time when Cadillac was unwilling to spend the money required to truly compete with the big dogs in the industry. The XLR's platform-mate, the Chevy Corvette, is due to be re-designed as a 2012 model - the XLR is not expected to come along for the ride. This suggests that 2011 may be the last year for the XLR. Here's hoping that Cadillac gets its head out of its rear and brings the same magic and focus to its redesign that gave us the new CTS and re-designs the XLR as a true SL competitor and a car worthy of its high pricetag. Read more at: Leftlane News: Insiders: Second-generation Cadillac XLR unlikely