One thought about the Lambda for Cadillac

Edmunds' Inside Line is running this relatively poor rendering of what a Cadillac version of the large Lambda crossover might look like. The only issue? This is a pretty obvious 'chop of the Chevy Traverse with XTS bits grafted on. Since the Cadillac version of the platform will be on the second generation version, it is likely to share few, if any, sheet metal bits with its siblings, much less any first gen model. Expect it to be as unique from the others as the Buick Enclave is on this generation. Also, we can be pretty sure that this won't be badged 'Escalade' as they suggest since we've also seen confirmation that the next Escalade will stay body-on-frame and be co-developed with the Tahoe and Yukon, as before. Nice try Edmunds. Source: