Rumor: Cadillac working on rear-drive flagship sedan (again)

Car and Driver is reporting that Cadillac has been given the go-ahead to work on a new, rear-drive, flagship sedan to slot above the new XTS and officially go hunting the upper rung of luxury models we have expected them to for years now. It appears that the approval came from the very top (Ed Whitacre himself) and would basically leave the Epsilon II-based XTS as a pseudo-flagship for a relatively, and mercifully, short time (replacing the current DTS and STS for a few years). This will likely leave it as much more a neo-DTS once the 3rd-gen CTS hits in a couple years based on a stretched Alpha platform and is positioned directly in the mid-range luxury segment (5-series and E-class). This also gives the ATS the space it will need to go hunting 3's and C's. Expect this rumored rear-drive flagship to go into production no earlier than the 2015 model year and the XTS to fade out at the end of its single-generation production run. Now, that's the Cadillac we've been hoping to see signs of again. Source: Car and Driver