Cadillac to get new tagline

If you've been following the management shakeups at GM, you know that there is a new exec in charge of marketing for the company. Joel Ewanick (previously of Hyundai) has been wasting no time putting his mark on the companies marketing and advertising efforts. First up was dropping Cadillac's recently hired ad agency and now we hear a couple interesting tidbits... 1. Cadillac will be returning to the SuperBowl next year. This should mean not only a new commercial but also possibly a return to Cadillac's sponsorship of the MVP award (and its related awarding of a Cadillac to the winning player). 2. We are about a month from the official launch of Cadillac's new tagline "The new standard of the world" which harkens back to Cadillac's historic "Standard of the World" tagline. Source: eGMCarTech