Lambda SUV coming in in 2013

As you may recall, GM has been having a tough time deciding what to do next with the Escalade. SRX 20On one hand, they have strict government fuel economy targets to hit later in the decade. On the other, the Escalade is still a cash cow (who wouldn't want to charge 2x as much as a comparable Tahoe for an SUV that shouldn't cost that much more to build?). So, we have been hearing rumors first that the body-on-frame Escalade is being cancelled in favor of a Lambda (think Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave) based large crossover. Then that the next Escalade would be body-on-frame just as it is now and the Lambda option had been shelved. Lately we have heard that GM had decided to bring both to market. Escalade for their traditional buyers and the Lambda-based vehicle as a larger version of the uber-successful SRX formula (i.e. a heavily sporty leaning CUV). The latest details have the new vehicle hitting the market as a 2013 model year (likely going on sale sometime in 2012) - this should also put this on the Lambda II architecture - so there is room for more interesting powertrain options as well as unique body-work that should resemble a bigger SRX. The next Escalade should bow a year later as a 2014 (and will hopefully distance itself even more from its platform-mates). Source: eGMCarTech