XTS Spied

KBB has spied the upcoming DTS/STS replacement undergoing testing. XTS SpiedXTS Platinum Concept As you can see, the overall theme is sticking pretty close to the XTS Platinum concept, but the camo is doing its job of hiding details of body character lines as well as exact shapes of the hood and trunk that would let us see exactly how many changes are really in store between the concept and reality. The article points out that the brakes on this test car appear to be Brembo sourced, suggesting a sporty model if not a full-on V-Series variant - the wheels also suggest this is a sportier flavor of the XTS than the Platinum concept as well. Expect the XTS to debut within the next two years with 3.6 DI base power (this is the 330-ish hp next generation 3.6 that we have not yet seen in production). A sportier model could pack either a forced induction 3.6 or possibly a front-drive version of GM's small-block V-8. It is likely that many, if not all trims of the XTS will come with all-wheel drive to help cover for the fact that the Epsilon II chassis is front-drive based while Cadillac is a rear-drive focused brand - or at least wants to compete with primarily rear-drive competition. Source: KBB