Cadillac shows 'Super Cruise' automated driving technology

Cadillac announced today their work on autonomous (self-driving) vehicles with a technology they are calling 'Super Cruise'. 2011 concept CielThe technology builds on the suite of safety systems announced for the new XTS and ATS by adding capabilities like lane self-centering and automatic steering that would, when combined with existing technologies like lane departure warning, GPS map data, as well as forward looking radar and ultrasonic systems to provide the ability for a future Cadillac to drive itself in situations such as freeway cruising as well as in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Cadillac has suggested this system could debut by mid-decade, which happens to coincide with when we expect to see a BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class competitor styled to look like the Cadillac Ciel concept. While this capability would ease driver workload during long trips or in stop-and-go, but it is important to realize the driver would need to be ready, when prompted by the system, to take over know...actually drive.