XTS Lighting Overview

As part of designing and differentiating the new 2013 XTS, Cadillac has put quite a bit of effort into making the car distinctive and welcoming to the driver through the use of lighting design. 2013 Cadillac XTSThe designers refer to the sequence played out by the light sources as 'choreographed' in a way to greet the owner as he or she approaches the car. Unique Cadillac signatures we have seen before include the vertical light-pipe elements at front and rear, but new with the XTS are illuminated door handles (something we will also see on the new ATS). Inside, the signature ambient light elements ring the cabin with extra thought for the XTS going into adding theater-like sequences to brighten or dim the cabin as needed while minimizing distraction and coordinating with the new CUE infotainment screens. Warmer colors are used for passenger areas while cooler lighting is used for control touch-points. See below for a video the designers discussing the design and what they were trying to accomplish in the XTS.