Cadillac Shifting Ad Spending to Digital Media

Cadillac revealed recently that they were going to put a full 25% of their ad dollars into digital ads (such as their new ATS vs the World series that ran on TV but is also heavily pushed online). 3 years ago, Cadillac was spending 17% of their ad money in digital but this was before their latest push for cars like the ATS which aims at a younger buyer that is easier to reach online than through traditional media. Also, practically all of Cadillac's push in Europe is digital because of their small share of the market vs. the cost to put ads on television. Interesting bit of trivia from Don Butler, Cadillac's VP of US Marketing...95% of all luxury car sales are outside the US market. In the US, 80% of all luxury sales are import brands. So, there is a lot of market to crack for Cadillac and they will be trying to think unconventionally to get some attention from those buyers that aren't necessarily thinking about Cadillac at this time. Source: Automotive News

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