Next Cadillac Escalade to be "Less Ostentatious"

GM's North American President, Mark Reuss, at a recent media round-table gave some insight into what Cadillac is going to try to accomplish with the 2014 Escalade. He mentioned that the new SUV would be "much less ostentatious" while hedging that there would likely be trim levels available that would appeal to the current Escalade customer. It seems that the Escalade is going to try to expand its appeal by recognizing where luxury buyers tastes are headed for their large SUVs. Where the prior Escalade practically defined 'bling' (a term you really don't see used much anymore) the new body-on-frame SUV will tone things down a bit, at least by default. Look at Mercedes' new GL and Audi's Q7 and you'll see elegance and sophistication vs in-your-face styling and Cadillac would love to snag a portion of their buyers. Even without Mr. Reuss' statements, we would expect that the new Escalade will look very much like it belongs in the same showroom as the new XTS. Expect to see a greatly up-market interior and refined exterior lines. A full slate of Cadillac's new safety technologies should make an appearance which should make the Escalade seem more like a Cadillac and less like a dressed-up Yukon or Tahoe. We should see the new Escalade late in 2013 and on-sale early the next year. Source:

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