August 2017 Cadillac Sales

I suppose, technically, you could call August the month when China's streak of being Cadillac's top market was broken.  However, that would be a stretch as this month saw it drop into 2nd place by a mere 2 units. In August, the US market saw sales drop 8.1% (1330 unit) from August 2016. In contrast, China sales were up 5100 (51.4%) over the same period.  Sales on all other markets were up, over the same period, but 58 units (2.9%).  So, China and the US markets continue to duke it out for the sales crown, and China appears to have the momentum. At the risk of repeating myself for yet another month and not really pointing out something Cadillac doesn't know already...but sedans are the real problem in the US market (which is on a bender for anything mildly crossover-like).  The best performing sedan in Cadillac's lineup is the CTS...which was merely down 15.8% over August 2016.  This represents a drop of 226 units vs last year. August 2017 US Market SalesCombining sales of the ATS, CTS, XTS, and CT6 - we can see a drop of 2629 units over the sedan sales in 2016 (4780 this year vs 7409 last year).  Significantly bad news are that CT6 sales are down this month given that they were the strongest sedan in the lineup (percentage-wise) this year. I would hope that Cadillac will have some 'concept' crossovers to show in this fall/winter's auto show season.  This would be an sign that we are getting close to a product launch that should shore up the US sales numbers. However, it is significant to note that, even with this softness in the US sales numbers that Cadillac's year-to-date numbers, globally, are strong.  China is up 42,888 units.  'Rest of World' numbers are up 2068.  US sales are down, but by only 5602 units.  This means that, globally, the brand is up almost 40,000 units over 2016.  So, the brand is really poised to have a lot of positive stories written in the mainstream auto press when they get even a single new crossover into the lineup. We wish the Cadillac crew all the best in getting the new product on the market soon.

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