September 2017 Cadillac Sales

Stop me if you've heard this one before... Cadillac sales, globally, are up for the 16th straight month.  However, beyond this, September was the first month in recent memory where US sales were also up. The US market saw an increase of 162 units (1.1%).  However, this increase was not enough to keep US sales in the #1 spot for the brand.  China saw a 4700-unit increase (37.6%) over last year.  This firmly puts China in the #1 sales position again, outselling the US market by over 1700 units. Rounding out the global picture, the 'Rest of World' markets (everything other than the US and China) are up as well in September.  Sales are up 84 units (3.8%) year-over-year. Digging a bit deeper into the US market, year-to-date sales are down 5440 units (5.4%).  The continuing story is that sedan sales are way off 2016's numbers.  Only the Escalade and the XT5 show any growth in September.  In fact, the XT5 had a pretty amazing month, growing 58.5% (2694 unit). Every other product (i.e. sedans) are down by strong double-digit percentages.  Cadillac does point to sales of the ATS and CT6 being up globally - but this is on the back of strong China growth.  In the home market, ATS and CTS are down almost 30%, XTS is down fully one-third, and CT6 is down almost 27%.  This drop works out to 1971 units in total - a loss that is completely made up for with the XT5 alone (showing exactly how strong the luxury crossover market is these days. We have said this before - but the new line of crossovers will almost certainly change the narrative and will result in many headlines about how Cadillac has regained its mojo.  I'm sure they are burning the midnight oil getting the XT5's siblings ready for sale.